2016 Development of XSL-A module
2015 Expansion of the product portfolio to include charge.art, relocation from Berlin Spandau to Berlin Schöneberg
2014 Market launch in US, development of DZE electronic time-delay relay, development of a package station, establishment of sizzl (Schleicher Incubator Zoom Zone Labs)
2013 Expansion of the product portfolio to include EES (Electronic Engineering Services) and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), takeover of the company by CEO Sven Dübbers
2012 Development of OP 50 M - compact hand-held controller with touch display
2011 Development of safety control solution
2010 High-speed laser control - XSL module
2009 Presentation of "mocap" - intuitive robot teaching without programming knowledge
2007 Market launch in Asia, takeover by Aurelius AG
2004 Expansion of the XCx line
2003 Change of name to 'Schleicher Electronic GmbH & Co. KG'; takeover by Wieland Holding GmbH
2002 Start of XCx control line with Ethernet
2000 PC-based control technology - ProNumeric links sensor technology and Internet
1995 RIO I/O system with fieldbus PLC with micro line
1989 Expansion of portfolio to include safety switching devices/relays
1988 Schleicher unites PLC and CNC in the Promodul-U control system
1986 Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Prize for an 'Online Curve Interpolator' - software for complex curve programming
1985 Development of production robots for the automotive industry, amongst others
1983 Development of own NC kernel
1976 Development and market launch of first PLC
1974 Company renamed: 'Schleicher GmbH & Co. Relais-Werke KG'
1971 Development of integrated plastic mechanical system for relays - from 260 individual parts to 80 precision parts, relocation to the current site in Berlin-Spandau
1958 Development of the world's first multifunctional time-delay relay, company renamed: 'Schleicher Relaisbau KG'
1937 Company founded by Otto Schleicher as 'Schleicher Relais Werke' in Berlin