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23rd of January 2017

Schleicher upgrades control systems

Fast and accurate machines are a fundamental requirement to compete in modern metalworking and mechanical engineering. The technical basis for them is the very latest EtherCAT-capable machine control systems. The control system specialist Schleicher Electronic is now setting the pace with its proven ProNumeric XCx800 control system in real time Ethernet with maximum flexibility and high-end functionality. > Read more.

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24th of March 2016

Smart Factory: wireless safety

Demand is growing for wireless transmission solutions for industrial production. Wireless communication has not so far played a role in safety-related applications – the fundamental failsafe reliability cannot be guaranteed. For that reason automation specialist Schleicher Electronic will in future rely on the “EchoRingTM” wireless communication system. This will make safe wireless communication possible for the first time in the “Smart Factory”. > Read more.

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26th of June 2015

Precision grinding with graphical monitoring

Precision machine tools in the manufacturing industry keep getting faster and more precise. However, at the same time, the technologies are also becoming more complex e.g. in the aviation, aerospace and marine industry or the automobile industry. Nevertheless, the use of these precision machine tools must remain simple. With this, MIKROMAT, a world-leading manufacturer of precision machine tools, relies on the controls of Schleicher Electronic Berlin in its thread grinding machines.

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24th of June 2015

Schleicher enters the e-mobility market

Schleicher Electronic, the Berlin electronics company, is expanding its product range. The specialist for machine control systems and safety electronics has taken over the successful CHARGEART control system for e-car charging stations and is responsible with immediate effect for its development, production and marketing.
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4th of August 2014

Schleicher Electronic presents efficient control systems

Schleicher Electronic, a leading provider of automation solutions, will unveil several control systems for use in the manufacture of machines and plants at TIAE show, booth N301, in Taipei. The company is featuring a multi-compatible machine controller, a state of the art “Position Synchronized Pulse“ laser functionality, a machine operation with smart phone convenience as well as a “cool” control system. > Read more.

23rd of June 2014

Schleicher GRED

Schleicher GRED® software from the Berlin electronics company Schleicher Electronic reduces the costs and memory requirements of so-called retain data, which holds a key function in automation solutions, for example. The advantage of Schleicher GRED® is that the saved data needs less memory capacity, which in turn leads to a reduction in costs. Schleicher GRED® is particularly suitable for embedded systems, which have to process large quantities of data in real time, such as in production or logistics. > Read more.

28th of July 2014

Schleicher’s ProNumeric XCI 600 now also speaking STEP 7

German controls specialist Schleicher Electronic has now integrated the STEP 7 control programming language into its control solutions. The ProNumeric XCI 600 is Schleicher’s first control to be equipped with Siemens programming. Others will follow shortly. Software for programmable logic controllers (PLC) can thus be offered at lower prices - and there are no licensing fees.
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