XSL-A module for laser processing

New and unique capabilities for a dynamic laser power control

For decades, Schleicher engineers have developed revolutionary and innovative products for complex and outstanding applications. And when the requirements called for evolutionary, greatly improved products, then Schleicher developed these as well. Either way: the aim has always been to follow the needs and wishes of the customers. It is in that context that the XSL-A evolved , based on the success of the XSL module, developed by Schleicher Electronic.

The increase in demand for laser processing machines continues to leap forward. Meanwhile what has also increased at lightning speed are the quality requirements and flexibility of use. All this has led the controller manufacturer Schleicher Electronic to develop a module for laser processing that perfectly suits the higher needs of customers around the world.

Particularly challenging and stimulating: the various control functions of the laser power, with their multiple requirements are implemented in one single module: the XSL-A.

Through the XSL-A, Schleicher offers laser processing machine builders the ability to control the laser power source via the PLC/CNC system, thereby simplifying operation and maintenance. The laser source and the machine are controlled in a synchronized manner using a single processor.

The Schleicher XSL-A module is connected to the Schleicher PLC/CNC controller via intelligent Rack Mount. While the Schleicher PLC/CNC controller transmits the movement commands - Digital or Analog- to the drives (motion of axes), the Schleicher XSL module – in co-operation with the Schleicher PLC/CNC controller – adjusts the laser power of laser source - analog or digital - through dedicated functions.

However, one of the biggest advantages is the high degree of flexibility and the breadth of the field of application: the XSL-A is equipped with ample reserve – special and customized features may easily be added according to the needs of the customers.

With the development of the Schleicher XSL-A module co-joined with a Schleicher PLC/CNC controller, manufacturers of laser processing machines are now offered special and unique capabilities allowing for a dynamic laser power control so as to obtain the highest quality possible in the finished product.

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