Older Generations of Controls

Many of our products that we no longer recommend for new use can still be supplied. We are happy to provide you with more details in a one-to-one consultation.

XCx 700
XCx 500/540
XCx 300
Micro Line
ProNumeric IPC-CNC/PLC
Promodul P03

CNC/PLC Control

XCx 700

XCx 700 is the CNC / PLC control for complex tasks and high demands on speed and precision. It opens the I / O level by a variety of digital and analog input, output and combination modules of proven Promodul-U series. Relay modules, function modules for analog value processing and temperature control as well as modules for axis positioning with SERCOS interface or analog setpoint interface round off the range of peripherals.

PLC or CNC/PLC Control

XCx 500/540

The XCx 500 is offered in PLC and CNC / PLC variants. The controls offer a variety of interfaces for easy integration into various production conditions. The I / O-level exploit digital, analog and functional modules from the extensive RIO or XCx micro-system via the high-speed interface XRIO.

The expansion complements the 540 variant XCx XCx 500 to four expansion slots for additional XRIO node, fieldbus and drive interfaces.

Compact CNC/PLC Control

XCx 300

The XCx 300 is the compact version of the controller family for low requirements for CNC / PLC power. Networking with Ethernet and TCP / IP ensures fast access to the controller for programming, diagnostics and operation. A free slot to customer specification, connecting SERCOS or SLM (Control Techniques), an additional XRIO interface, Profibus-DP or CANopen field bus.

PLC Control

Micro Line

The Micro Line combines the capabilities of a PLC with the functionality of the distributed I / O system RIO.

  • PLC with multitasking operating system
  • Controllers with CANopen interface and standalone versions
  • 8 RIO I/O modules can be arranged in any combination (digital, analog, function modules)
  • Locally up to 128 digital or 56 analog inputs / outputs
  • Decentralized expansion via CANopen to max. 127 bus node
  • Multiprog programming system according to IEC 61131-3 under Windows
  • All controls with display, keyboard, integrated commissioning and diagnostic functions
  • Two serial RS232 interfaces
  • Decentralized parallel data processing
  • Emergency control programs


  • Connecting auxiliary components for programming, process visualization or terminal operating
  • Program exchange possible with controllers of XCx series
  • Program memory and computing power grow with the number of networked devices
  • Fast response times at low bus load
  • Secure runflat
  • High availability and reliability of the overall system
  • Powerful PLC

IPC Control

ProNumeric IPC-CNC/PLC

Schleicher ProNumeric IPC is a system solution for CNC / PLC and PLC (ProSycon) with three fixed structured components:

  • Proven industrial PC as control hardware
  • Standardized fieldbus systems CANopen and SERCOS (only ProNumeric) to communicate with the process
  • Real-time operating system VxWorks, running alongside and independently of the PC operating system WindowsNT® or WindowsXP®

  • VxWin multi-tasking operating system (VxWorks & Win 9x / NT / XP)
  • Permanent synchronous CNC and PLC runtime system with mutual shared RAM
  • CANopen fieldbus interface connects the I / O level
  • Optical SERCOS interface with interrupt input
  • 4 slots for PCI cards
  • Interpolation: 1 ms with 8 NC-axes
  • Separate CNC operator panel in IP65 with 12.1 "TFT color display, touch screen
  • Connected command level via Ethernet with TCP / IP
  • Optional: custom machine control panel, PC Membrane Keyboard, CD-RW drive


  • Prioritization of control tasks
  • Measurement of sensor signals

CNC/PLC Control


Promodul-U is a modular automation system for programmable and numerical control (CNC & PLC) medium and high levels of performance.


  • By up to 256 function modules and 4096 inputs / outputs can be expanded
  • Four user-selectable control units in the main rack
  • Control of up to 64 NC axes are controlled in 32 NC subsystems
  • Operating system
  • Free cycle definition
  • With the automation system configurable modules:
  • CNC / PLC control units with stepped capacity control devices with CANopen interface
  • Expert modules for communication (Interbus-S, Profibus-FMS), analog value processing, hydraulic / temperature control
  • Modules for positioning axes with SERCOS or analog setpoint interface
  • Digital input / output and combination modules
  • Interface modules for connection of expansion racks
  • Memory cartridges and Programming Devices


  • Flexible application
  • To provide a variety of modules expandable
  • Wide range of programs
  • Optimum utilization of the computing power

CNC/PLC Control


The compact Promodul-F control of Schleicher is a universal automation system for the bit and analog value processing and position control.


  • PLC and CNC
  • Universal I / O modules
  • Positioning interface
  • Different racks
  • Up to 6 modules with 192 inputs and outputs expandable
  • Networking with manufacturer-independent Profibus-FMS and CANopen systems
  • Multitasking operating system
  • Interrupt inputs
  • Integrated connection for positioning a servo axis
  • Integrated analog inputs / outputs
  • Networking with Profibus-FMS or CANopen
  • Up to 3 serial interfaces
  • CNC control with integrated PLC and Shared RAM

PLC Control

Promodul P03

Since January 1th 2010, the system of Promodul -P03 family is no longer available.

The Promodul-P03 was the consistent further development of the successful Promodul-P02. It was developed to offer advanced, economical and application-oriented solutions. The expansion up to 1024 I/Os, networking with up to 32 controls, interaction between controllers and intelligent peripherals - components, easy programming and fast cycle times ensure optimized production processes. Comfortable and powerful HMIs make the automation process transparent and perfectly controllable:

  • 16 bit processor
  • Two cyclic programs, two interrupt programs faster than 100 us
  • 100 subroutines, an initialization program for the specification of certain values
  • Operating data, clock timer function through integrated real-time clock
  • 1 - or 2 -channel position detection module, 22-bit resolution up to 100 kHz
  • Positioning processor, 24-bit resolution
  • Space-saving modern design

We will send you documentation on request.